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Even the greatest journey begins with a single step and those who have heard about Uptown Aces Casino, should know that the adventure starts by downloading the application. This is one of the newest online casinos and one that serves US residents as well, which makes it a great choice for those American players who are ready to take the thrills of online action. Don't worry about the need of downloading a lot of content, because besides the standard application there is nothing more to worry about. The entire process doesn't take more than a couple of seconds and in a matter of few clicks you will be all set and ready to enjoy the best online casino games. You don't even need to download the app, because you can simply run in browser and you will be notified about the status of the Uptown Aces Casino download. Download Bonus Code - Free Money, No Deposit

As always, prospective players will be asked to agree with the terms and conditions, which is nothing out of the ordinary in this line of work. USCasinos always have these req's to protect themselves from bonus abusers. There are basically two choices, with new members being asked to decide between the real money and virtual currency action. It goes without saying that the best choice is to play for real money, because this is how you can earn while you have a lot of fun. Depositing is fast and absolutely safe, not to mention that if you take advantage of the link available on this website, you will receive five dollars right away. This is a nodepositbonus which is given to any new members including Americans and it can be redeemed by using the Uptown Aces coupon code UPTOWN5FREE.

There are of course, more generous bonuses and promos to take advantage on if you play long enough and all of them are available in the dedicated Promotions section on the website. Free cash is always nice, but at the end of the day what really matters is how good the games truly are and this is where Uptown Aces shines brighter than its counterparts. To start with, it uses Realtime Gaming software which is highly reliable and extremely responsive, so there will be no glitches and technical issues to worry about. Players have a nice selection of games, ranging from video poker to slots and table games and each of them has it's very own promotion. This USA online gaming site offers more games than anywhere else.

This means, that players don't have to make any compromises or struggle to meet the wagering requirements while playing a genre that they don't actually enjoy. If you prefer to play slots, then you are indeed lucky, because over the next two months, a $1,500 slots freeroll tournament will be running live at If your luck runs out, you can get back in the fray by rebuying for $1.50, while the one dollar add-on will improve your chances of outshining your competitors.

USA Online Poker - U.S. Poker Site Tips

The online poker business in the USA is still booming but most activity can be found at five US poker sites. These five poker rooms accepting USA players in 2014 lead the industry because of a number of factors but fast payouts is definitely one of them. reports that Bet Online Poker, Full Flush Poker, PokerHost, SportsBetting Poker and Carbon Poker are USA online poker sites with the fastest payouts. reports that these USA friendly poker sites are the easiest places for Americans to deposit at, as stated in their "Depositing at US poker sites" article. I have listed the info you will need to know when choosing one of these American online poker sites below. Use our links to claim the special bonuses listed.

  • Bet Online Poker - 1-3 day payouts for Americans - 200% bonus to $2,500. Start playing now!
  • PokerHost - 3-7 day payouts for Americans - 150% bonus to $600 and freerolls. Start playing now!
  • Carbon Poker - 5-10 day payouts to Americans - 200% bonus to $5,000, free poker calculator, free DTB poker training membership, mega freeroll options. Start playing now!
  • Poker - 2-4 day payouts for Americans - 200% bonus, multiple free sports and casino bets, casino rebate. Start playing now!

US Poker Site Game Tips & Strategies For Americans - Expert USA Poker

Americans who understand the basic strategies used for poker games like Texas Holdem will find these advanced US poker site tips to be useful.

so do not feel like this is something that you have to do. When it comes down to it, does it really matter if you see yourself as a beginner or an advanced player? There may be some traits that separate the two, but all in all, it does not really matter how you perceive yourself. As long as you are dedicated to success, you can make the most out of your online poker career.

The biggest mistake that you can make as an advanced online poker player is thinking that you know everything about the game. When it comes down to it, even the best players in the world put time into learning. If you think that you know everything about online poker you are going to stop growing as a person, and as a player. And when this happens, you will find out soon enough that you are never going to be able to move onto the higher echelon of the game. The good thing about all of this is that there are some advanced online poker tips that you can use to stay on track. Of course, you have to have discipline in order to do this, but it is not something that you shouldn’t be able to handle.

Here are three online poker tips that will help advanced players to keep their game steady, and also give them a boost to the next level. If you are moving on from the beginning stages of online poker, you will definitely want to consider what these can do for you.

1. To call yourself an advanced online poker player in the USA you need to have your money management skills down pat. If you are still struggling to keep your money in check, you are not yet an advanced player. As you begin to bet and win more money, you need to make sure that you are keeping a close watch at all times. It is very easy for anybody to go overboard when it comes to their money and USA friendly online poker. Being able to avoid this at all costs, while also giving yourself enough funds to have fun, is the mark of a true advanced player. These money management skills are every bit as important as being able to dominate other players at the table. You should use poker bonuses to boost your bankroll whenever possible.

Related sites:

2. One major difference between beginners and advanced American online poker room players is the strategy that they use. For the most part, players who have just begun to get involved with online poker do not have a strategy that they use on a regular basis. Instead, they are simply trying to get their feet wet, and determine how they are going to proceed into the future. On the other side of things, advanced online poker players should have a strategy that they use each hand that they play. If you are going to be a great player you need to carve out a strategic niche for yourself. This can be time consuming and difficult, but over time this will begin to develop. Just remember, you should never become too comfortable with your online poker strategy. If you do, you may find out that you have stopped growing as a player.

3. The best advanced USA online poker room players are never satisfied with where they are at. Even if you are winning some money and having fun, to be great you need to want more. When you are at this stage of your game, you are only a couple steps away from being a really good online poker player. In fact, when you can call yourself an advanced player you will be close to reaching the upper echelon of the game. But you are only going to get there if you put the time into learning at a high rate of speed.

These three tips are perfect for advanced online U.S. poker site poker players. Now that you are past the beginning stage, you are closer than ever before to making a lot of money through this game. You should continue to push forward with the tips above as well as any others that you may have developed on your own.

Monday, June 3, 2013

US Poker Site Reviews 2014

Are the reviews of US poker sites that you read accurate? Are they truthful? US poker room reviews for 2014 can range from blatant lies to honest opinions and facts. I recently wrote an review 2014 and I was able to say things I might not have said otherwise because I do not promote them. I would not have lied if I did but I would have found a softer way of saying that the room sucked. US poker site reviews are different from Euro room reviews. Americans want to know about payouts and such. For instance, a player reading a Lock Poker review would want to know about Lock Poker cashouts, payouts and withdrawals in 2014. How fast are they? How much do they charge? Other poker sites for US in 2014 have quick payouts and Americans want to know about that too.

The top U.S. friendly poker sites in September of 2014 are as follows. These US poker rooms have the easiest deposit options and the fastest withdrawals for Americans in 2014. You will need to click our links to claim the bonus packages outlined below.

  • Bet Online Poker - 1-3 day payouts for Americans - 200% bonus to $2,500. Start playing now!
  • PokerHost - 3-7 day payouts for Americans - 150% bonus to $600 and freerolls. Start playing now!
  • Carbon Poker - 5-10 day payouts to Americans - 200% bonus to $5,000, free poker calculator, free DTB poker training membership, mega freeroll options. Start playing now!
  • Poker - 2-4 day payouts for Americans - 200% bonus, multiple free sports and casino bets, casino rebate. Start playing now!

How To Spot Bad U.S. Poker Reviews

Validating the fairness of an online poker site can be a difficult task for new players. Many people assume that a poker site's size is a perfect indicator that they are safe to play at. At a glance this may seem accurate but I don't think it is accurate enough to risk on. There are some small poker sites that I trust almost unconditionally and there are some large rooms that I would never deposit a dime at. I have several years of experience in this industry so it is fairly easy to avoid shady poker sites but new online poker players usually rely on outdated information when choosing a poker site to play at.

There are hundreds of poker site reviews on the web that contain accurate, unbiased and up-to-date information. There are also hundreds that contain misleading, outdated or false information. This post is about learning how to differentiate between the two. Before you signup at a poker site you will want to do a little research. Most people just look for things like special bonus offers, promotions and the room's traffic. If the review does contain clues as to it's reliability they are usually overlooked. 

Independent poker room reviews are available on thousands of online poker portals. Savvy poker players know that a poker room's web site will always highlight the positives and hide the negatives. So the first step to finding an Internet poker site to play at is to find a reliable poker review site so you can find a good USA site in 2014. Here are some tips about what to watch out for in a review of a poker room. 

If the review doesn't contain any negative opinions on the poker room this should definitely raise a red flag. Every online poker room has some negative qualities. If there was a poker room that was completely perfect it would quickly dominate the market and become the only poker room online. 

Here is a checklist of things you can look at that will give you a good idea of the truthfulness  of the review:
  • Compare the listed traffic statistics with the actual traffic. Many poker sites will list the number of players currently logged in on their web site. Be sure to remember that traffic can be twice as high during peak hours. If the reviews claims that a poker room peaks at 25,000 players and the actual number of players logged in is 5,000 that is a sure sign that the review likely contains many false statements. If the reverse is true it indicates that the review has not been updated in a long time.
  • If the review claims to provide you with a bonus that is better than average you can easily confirm this by visiting the poker room's web site. This is a common tactic used by online marketers.